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Culinary art

Paint made from food pigments

This artistic technique developed by the artist is based on the use of food as pigments, creating a unique fusion between art and gastronomy. This idea, which took several years of research  has opened doors to prestigious collaborations with renowned chefs,


Chef Anton Mosimann (OBE)

 The artist has collaborated on several occasions with Chef Anton Mosimann OBE in London, England. One of these paintings is proudly displayed in the Culinary Museum “The Mosimann Collection” at the Collège César Ritz in Le Bouveret, Switzerland, while another occupies a pride of place in his private restaurant, “the Mosimann’s Club” in London.

Chef Franck Giovannini

Meeting with Chef Franck Giovannini, this painting now adorns the walls of the restaurant de l'hôtel de ville de Crissier in Switzerland.


Chef Paul Bocuse

An inspiring encounter with Mr. François Pipala, Restaurant Director at the Paul Bocuse Foundation in Lyon, France.

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