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Immersive Art Journey

This project, carried out with the financial support of an artistic grant from the Canton of Vaud in Switzerland, offers an innovative artistic experience using Virtual Reality (VR). The concept is to fully immerse the spectator in the heart of a painting, providing them with a journey through time via art.

Through VR, spectators can find themselves at the center of a painting and explore an artificial world, akin to a panoramic view reminiscent of vintage postcards. Immersed in the artwork, individuals can turn their heads or pivot to discover every detail of the piece.

A major advantage of this project is the dematerialization of the artwork, allowing it to be showcased in Switzerland or abroad without the need for shipping expenses or a physical exhibition space. The first experiment was conducted with a rural landscape of Switzerland in 1900, offering spectators a captivating dive into the history and beauty of the past.

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